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The drive behind starting this blog is to help as many people as I can. If you have questions, topic ideas, or just want to chat, you can find myself and Mrs. Economic Millennial at the contact address below!

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The Economic Approach


It is very easy to approach new ideas and become overwhelmed with the communities that seem to be full of people that have mastered the concepts you are just approaching. This blog is meant to be an every man’s(and woman’s) approach to improving their financial situation.


Mr. Economic
(i.e. The Money Guy)

Hey everyone. I came from a Midwest upbringing where I was lucky enough to be raised by a mother who encouraged a voracious appetite for reading. This hunger for knowledge led me down the path of wanting to develop every skill I was able to. This (plus a healthy does of ADD) led to me spinning my wheels through my college years (and sometime after) until finding my passion for finances and mathematical things!

Mrs. Millennial
(i.e. The Travel Guru)


I grew up moving often (every year of so). I’ve finally ended up in the Midwest, but my roots are in Northern Europe. Growing up away from most of my family has taught me to be independent, which has only strengthen now that I am financially responsible for myself. My upbringing ingrained in me a passion for travel, and so traveling on a budget has become my main focus as an adult who needs to think about future stability.